Why Palestinians Must Rethink their Governance

Three things could help to build an inclusive and participatory political system, which could empower Palestinians in their journey towards self-determination, statehood and meaningful democracy.

Firstly, the one-man leadership model should be replaced with a collective form of leadership. The “supreme leader” model is not only obsolete, dysfunctional and anti-democratic, but it has also been damaging to the Palestinian struggle and the national liberation project.

Instead, the Palestinian people need an elected committee of leaders – a small group (ideally four, with representation from both genders) who can form a political bureau, with each carrying different but complementary responsibilities and similar political weight. One could handle internal and social affairs, one external and foreign affairs, one economic and development affairs, and one education and youth affairs.

Thirdly, the multiple bodies presented above would appoint a prime minister to form a government and a deputy prime minister, with one of these positions to be filled by a woman.

Published at The Middle East Eye, 19 May 2019

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