Outsourcing Repression: Israeli-Palestinian Security Coordination

Outsourcing Repression is a collection of analyses and essays on the roots, manifestations and consequences of the paradigm of security coordination between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). The book discusses four key themes: the evolution and reform of Palestinian security forces and security coordination since the inception of the Oslo Accords; the militarisation of Palestinian aid and the foundation of a police state; the outsourcing of repression and sponsorship of authoritarianism; and the criminalisation of Palestinian resistance as a consequence of donor-driven security sector reform of the Palestinian Authority security establishment.

Outsourcing Repression is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the security framework of the Oslo Accords, as well as the mechanisms of control that Palestinians are subjected to, and the additional layers of repression and authoritarianism that Palestinians in the Occupied Territory have faced since 1993. This volume will be of interest to a wide-range of readers, including academics, policymakers and activists who are concerned about rights, justice, freedom, and dignity in Occupied Palestine.

Tartir, Alaa (ed.) Outsourcing Repression: Israeli-Palestinian Security Coordination. South Africa: Afro-Middle East Centre, 2019.