Biden Presidency, Palestine-Israel, and the Prospects for Peace

Certainly, Biden will neither be a saviour for the Palestinians, nor for peace, but likely he will be a saviour for the peace process (with the emphasis on the process).

Furthermore, in the economic sphere, the Biden Administration will continue offering Israel a substantial military aid package in one hand, while on the other hand offering the Palestinians highly conditional aid most of which will land in the Israeli economy.

In relation to Palestine, the harmful US aid packages (as it is designed around the close US-Israel relationship) will likely re-start flowing, and the influx of US aid will be delivered in the same fashion as in the pre-Trump era. This is not good news for the quest of Palestinian for self-determination.

All the Biden Administration needs to do is to come up with a “fancier” label and title for their “economic incentive” package offered to the Palestinians. The outcome is not hard to predict. However, a return to the “old normal” will make the prospects for real, meaningful, and true peace even grimmer.

Published at PRIO Blogs Website , 13 November 2020

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