Mapping of Donor Funding to The Occupied Palestinian Territories 2012 – 2014/15

This report consists of a mapping of donor aid to the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) from 2012-14, and where possible, 2015. The information was compiled making use of multiple databases, reports and published studies, as well as direct letters of enquiry written to over thirty major donors asking them for information about their aid package for that period. In addition to compiling the most accurate account of aid currently in existence for that period, this report provides an analysis of that data and the mapping exercise itself.

This mapping exercise presented in this report is just an initial step down a longer path AidWatch Palestine is committed to take in helping community stakeholders and aid actors – local and international, public and private – to come together to participate in critical and constructive look at the way in which Palestinian aid is given. It is an essential step towards the objective of achieving aid effectiveness for an enormous, fragmented and opaque aid process, which has failed to achieve its primary developmental aims. The ultimate aim is to achieve aid effectiveness and improve the general welfare of people living in the region, for which transparency must first be achieved first.

Mapping of Donor Funding to The Occupied Palestinian Territories 2012 – 2014/15: Limited, Disorganized and Fragmented Aid Data Undermining Transparency, Accountability and Planning.

The Original Research and Report were Authored and Prepared by: Dr. Alaa Tartir & Dr. Jeremy Wildeman, November 2016

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