After a discussion of the historical background that led to the creation of the Palestinian Authority, this chapter describes the broader social and political transformations that took place in the oPt. The question of political economy is also very important for deciphering some of the current tensions in the stalemate between Fatah and Hamas, the two main political factions contending for control of the PA, but also between large segments of local civil society in opposition to the PA. The chapter highlights different dynamics of the post-2007 state-building project as the security collaboration with Israel and the consequences of this state-building project as the increasing authoritarianism in the oPt. The conclusion discusses the outlook and prospect for national reconciliation, peace with Israel, and the possible creation of a Palestinian state, in the wake of renewed military operations against Gaza in the summer of 2014.

A co-authored chapter with Professor Benoît Challand on Palestine in the 14th edition of “The Middle East” edited by Professor Ellen Lust (Yale University), CQ Press.

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