From the River to the Sea: Taking the Pulse of Palestine-Israel 20 years after Oslo

This event is the culmination of two years of research funded by the British Academy and carried out by the Council for British Research in the Levant’s East Jerusalem research centre, the Kenyon Institute.

This project analysed the impact of 20 years of the Oslo framework on all those living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, looking at what the agreements and negotiations, economic protocols, and international donors have achieved as well as what they have not.

In the context of an increasingly hostile debate regarding the feasibility of a two-state solution, and in the absence of a political solution and end to the occupation, this project focused on analysing the contradictory dual processes of separation and unification that have taken place economically, politically and culturally – and how different communities have responded to them. The result is an assessment of the situation as it affects those communities living between the river and the sea, as well as an assessment of the contemporary feasibility of implementing a two-state solution and its possible alternative outcomes.

A conference at the LSE’s Middle East Centre, London, 2 September 2015.

Listen to the podcast (Part 1) and Listen to the podcast (Part 2)