Palestine and the Arab Intifadas: Reflections, Consequences and Opportunities

This paper aims to address the following central questions: After more than two years of the Arab Intifadas, where are the Palestinians from these Intifadas; what happened to them; who is revolting in Palestine and against whom; how they were affected, directly and indirectly, by the regional awakening; and what opportunities these Intifadas offer to Palestinians? More precisely, this paper will examine the argument that there is an ‘untold revolution’ in Palestine despite the empty streets of Ramallah and Gaza. In particular, it will look at the Palestinian Authority’s venture to revolt against its nation, through political decisions, economic policies, and approaches to struggle and resistance. This paper will argue that the Arab Intifada exposed the legitimacy gap between the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian nation even further, in both West Bank and Gaza, particularly with the persistence failure to achieve unity. Finally, This paper will highlight the emerged youth movement in Palestine in the aftermath of the Arab Intifadas; to answer the questions why they have not yet ‘imitate’, on a large scale, their peers in the Arab world, what they need to do so, and why it is inevitable to happen?

Paper presented at The Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) Annual Convention, April, Chicago 2013.

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