Palestine and the Arab Intifadas: Reflections, Consequences and Opportunities

Where are the Palestinians from the Arab Intifadas; what happened to them; who is revolting in Palestine and against whom; how they were affected; and what opportunities these Intifadas offer to Palestinians? Is there an ‘untold revolution’ in Palestine despite the empty streets of Ramallah and Gaza? Did the Arab Intifadas sustained or bridged the Palestinian internal divide/reconciliation? Why the Palestinian youth have not yet ‘imitate’, on a large scale, their peers in the Arab world, what they need to do so, and why it is inevitable to happen?

Paper presented at BRISMES Graduate Section Annual Conference 2012, “Change and Continuity in the Middle East: Rethinking West Asia, North Africa and the Gulf after 2011”, 11 June 2012, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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